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Below are some of the main features included in our ecommerce builds.
All our work is built from the ground-up. We pride ourselves on high-end performing websites.
Our online storefronts are built with the power of WooCommerce, the NO.1 most used storefront for Wordpress sites. Woocommerce is extremely customisable and we can create our own code inside / to work with it, resulting in a robust custom storefront.
    Stripe Payments
We utilise the power of Stripe payment processing / handling, giving you a hassle free way of charging for your products. Stripe offer loads of feature rich options, such as the ability to send refunds, track funds and payment dates as well as mobile apps! Last but not least, it is a trusted and known name when it comes to handling card details.
    Stock Management
Our storefronts have built in stock management systems. Simply input the stock totals, and opportunities such as stock reminders, low stock indicators and showing the customer remaining quantities become available. This also allows for custom set low stock reminders, and ensures customers do not buy stock that is not there!


Below is a quick timeline, involving the main steps you can expect from a standard project build. As always, these can change due to client needs.

1 - Contract

First things first, for jobs the size of a website build we need to make sure we have a sound understanding with one another and agree. This step clearly lays out the agreed deliverables from a project between us and any perspective client, meaning you know exactly what the end product will be.

2 - Research

After we have reached an agreement of what work will be carried out, we will now start the research phase. This includes giving the client the option to send us ideas that they like and would like to incorporate onto their site, aswell as our own resarch into the brand and inspiration for the new build.

3 - Concept / Design

The concept / Design phase. After we have resarched and have a sound understanding of exactly what you have in your head and what way we think the site should look, we will start building. This includes updates so you can see the progress of the design / development and have your own input!

4 - First Build

The close to the finish line part. We have by now shown you the site in detail and have a build put together. This phase is dedicate to polishing off your new site and making any last adjustments before we go live, including testing.

Finish Line!

The finsh line. We have now launched your brand new website! From this point we monitor closely for the first week to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, ensuring your site is functioning as it should.

Why Titan?

Below are just some of many reasosns why we think we are a good choice, said with modesty of course.


We offer different payment options to suit your needs, no need to worry about big, upfront costs! The standard is 50% deposit and 50% on completion, however we can tailor this depending on the size and needs of the build.


All our websites are built with performance at the forefront. We use all forms of efficiency measures to assure lightning fast speeds resulting in higher rankings and an overall high end finish.


All our builds are responsive developed, this ensures that designs look just as good on smaller screens as they do big.

Bespoke Development

All of our work contains bespoke, unique powerful coding from the ground up. This ensures one of a kind finishes with a powerful and efficient, futureproof site.

Cloud Hosting

Should you choose to host your new project with us, we offer top end high performance cloud server hosting, offering not just lightning fast speeds, but a 99.9% uptime average.

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