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Bespoke web design and development, Newcastle Upon Tyne

We pride ourselves on high quality, high performing results. We empower busineses of all sizes and sectors with engaging and powerful websites, built from the ground up. All of the work we carry out includes custom development, giving you the edge with not only performance, but interface too.
Fleet Care Project
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When building sites we ensure it has the performance to match the looks. We take all measures to ensure a site runs fast and smooth for the best end user experience. Not only do we use high end, scalable, fast servers, we also employ techniques such as webp generation, CSS and JS compression, best practice JS efficiency and cache policies


Engaging websites that capture the imagination of your customers. Gone are the days of boring old test based pages. Websites and storefronts alike are now compared to modern works of art. The level of design and brand captivation that goes into our sites is sure to set you apart and leave a lasting impression.



Website Design & Development

Our main focus, website design and development. We make scalable, proficient, engaging, performance driven home bases for brands that re envisions what you think of a typical website. We employ all our tools and don’t believe in sales structures where quality is compromised for price, that’s why all our solutions are custom developed and designed from scratch.


Ecommerce websites. Wether you are a start up looking for a site to sell your products or an already scaled business looking to better your online marketplace, we can help. We combine the power of Woocommerce with Wordpress along with custom development to give you a tailored and powerful online store. Woocommerce at the time of writing has a current makret share of 33%, which we can tell why with integrated features for secure payments and quick to set up stock management, making your life that bit easier.


Ever wondered what goes into a website behind the scenes? This is where hosting comes in. In the most basic terms, hosting is choosing what server you want to store your website on. From there, everyone visiting your website will communicate with that server and ask to see the site. There are a few factors here, and we definitley dont cheap out. We use Google cloud servers, giving some of the best response times and uptime ratings. We also run multiple backups everyday. Ontop of this, if you choose our hosting plan, we will build your site directly on our server ready to go at launch, no hassle there!

Recent Projects

Fleet Care Project Hadleys Hair Project TMS Project Woods Barbering Project

Fleet Care Project

Fleet Care is a UK based HGV trailer service and maintenance company, running all over the UK. Fleet Care asked us to deliver a new updated site with CMS features for job listings and blogs. We delivered a Wordpress powered site with complete bespoke development from the ground up, targeting all areas of SEO and brand identity to give the compoany a solid base for their new online presence.

Hadlesy Hair Project

Hadleys came to Titan with an existing site in need of an update. They requested a new modern site with blog functionality. We provided a new and improved site with superior performance over the old one and some basic SEO to get them up and running. The focus areas was brand identity and ease of use, with integration to use a third party booking system.

TMS Project

TMS approached us with the need for a brand new design and development project for their new company. The goal was to impress and push the level of professionalism they provide. We provided a bespoke development and design site that was targeted to far surpassing their current competitors.

Woods Barbering Project

A return custumer, Woods Barbering is the third barbering site we have done for the owner. Based in Leeds, the brand needed a brand new online identity to show their level of quality and also get across their chilled out enviroment. We provided a bespoke solution that not only matches brand identity but makes the visitor see how serious about barbering the Woodd Barbering Co. are.

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