Built For User Experience

Thomas @ TMS requested the design be based around user experience. He wanted a clean modern design however the main focus was to be on making the website minimalistic. He wanted straight to the point, factual articles all whilst keeping it short. We acheieved these goals with a sleek, user responsive build meaning the customer sees only what they are looking for instead of having to hunt for info. We then threw in custom code, keeping the user captavated with animation and layout-flow all whislt retaining a professional sleek standard.

Hand Coded Bespoke Design

We tailored this project with lots of hand coded features whilst not going over the top and staying on target. The design was brought together with a beautiful sense of flow and every page linking and complimenting the other. The overall turnout represents a high quality build and up-market feel without the design compromising or taking from what the business offers.

"Totally delighted with the site, exceeded my expectations and are a pleasure to do business with"

- Thomas Stewart, Owner TMS

Bespoke Design

A one of a kind designed tailored specifically to the customer

Business Integration

Linking of all social media, email setup at domain & Google Business integration


Build level SEO for customers desired search queries

Hand Coded

Custom one off coded elements

Managed Hosting

Manged hosting plan for supreme performance and ease of use