Purpose Built For Bookings

Matthew @ Made Barbers UK approached us with the task of taking his business online for the very first time. Matthew and the team wanted to make a website with the sole purpose of extending their client base and allowing customers to book online with ease. We used the current system Matthew already ran the shop with, Booksy, and integrated the booking system with the website. Since the Matthew has went from the single shop he started with when he approached us to now having a second location in Newcastle with plans for a third shop opening in Leeds!

E-Commerce & Coronavirus

Whislt Matthew was a client with us the unfortunate events of Coronavirus happened. With money flow being a real issue for all businesses alike, he approached us and we sat down to come up with a way to have money flowing during this period of business closure. We made an eCommerce side to the site and added featuires for clients to pre pay for haircuts and buy vouchers ready to redeem in shop with a code as soon as the business reopened. When we discussed this project the client, Matthew, had very reserved and realistic outcomes in terms of money flow expected from this new website feature. We went on to exceed these goals and expectations by a whopping 300%+ in the first month! The power of online commerce is surely one not to be underestimated.

A Word From The Client

"Im just a small independant business, however with the work at Titan web design i now feel and look im where i wanted to be 10 years in the future"

- Matthew Woodroffe, Owner, Made Barbers UK

Bespoke Design

A one of a kind designed tailored specifically to the customer

Business Integration

Linking of all social media, email setup at domain & Google Business integration


Build level SEO for customers desired search queries

Hand Coded

Custom one off coded elements

Managed Hosting

Manged hosting plan for supreme performance and ease of use