Starting A Fresh

Daniel @ Hadleys Hair approached us to take his existing website and start a fresh. He wanted a completely remodernised look and image to the brand and that all started with the re designing and developement of a brand new bespoke website. This was definatley our biggest project in terms of sheer work load. We took care of every thing for Daniel and the team in terms of domain transfer, Google business and social media integration and integration with SalonIQ so his website and in store till software and booking work together in a seamless manner.

Getting To Know Hadleys Online

One of the most important aspects of this project was that it was crucial to convey with online potential customers the exact feel and atmosphere of the Hadleys Hair salon even before they visit. This included multiple revisions and countless hours of colour scheme and pallet testing, professional on site photographers and videographers as well as many visits from ourselves to make sure the client was expressed online exactly the same way they do in person.

A Word From The Client

"A great website and definitely recommended to anyone, every sample we seen during the process was a huge bonus and different from other businesses we have worked with"

- Daniel Dawson, Simon Ness, Owners, Hadleys Hair

Bespoke Design

A one of a kind designed tailored specifically to the customer

Business Integration

Linking of all social media, email setup at domain & Google Business integration


Build level SEO for customers desired search queries

Hand Coded

Custom one off coded elements

Managed Hosting

Manged hosting plan for supreme performance and ease of use